UK Education System Ranked Second In Europe and Sixth In World

UK Education System Ranked Second In Europe and Sixth In World: New figures have placed the UK education system sixth in the world – and second only to Finland in Europe. The results, published by Pearson, include both schools and higher education. It is thought that including university education has boosted the UK’s position. The UK is ahead of other Western countries, including Germany, the US and France. The top four places are all, however, held by Asian countries – with South Korea topping the table followed by Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. {Tweet this}

The rankings have been compiled based on the combined scores of a number of different tests, including Pisa scores carried out by the OECD, Timss (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), Pirls (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) and two major studies based in the United States. The figures also incorporate graduation rates from higher education – which helped the UK rise to a much better position than in Pisa tests along, where the country failed to make it in to the top 20.{Tweet this}

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Inclusion of University Data Means UK Education System Ranked Second In Europe and Sixth In World

A report which accompanies the figures has heralded the Asian education systems and their focus on ensuring teachers and schools are highly respected – as well as the commitment from teacher, pupil and parent to securing a good education.

According to John Fallon, chief executive of Pearson, more than £2.95 trillion is spent on education globally each year. Mr Fallon suggested that, similar to healthcare, education could gain a lot from becoming increasingly global and through taking elements from different systems and integrating them. Pearson has created an open-access data hub with information on education in 50 countries.{Tweet this}

Mary Bousted, the leader of the ATL union, welcomed the UK’s strong performance and said that she hoped Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, would acknowledge the hard work of teachers in this achievement.

The top twenty systems in the world, according to Pearson / the Economist Intelligence Unit are as follows: {Tweet this}

1. South Korea

2. Japan

3. Singapore

4. Hong Kong

5. Finland

6. UK

7. Canada

8. Netherlands

9. Ireland

10. Poland

11. Denmark

12. Germany

13. Russia

14. United States

15. Australia

16. New Zealand

17. Israel

18. Belgium

19. Czech Republic

20. Switzerland

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