VoicED A Judge As Red Carpet Rolled Out For UK Blogging ‘Oscars’

VoicED A Judge As Red Carpet Rolled Out For UK Blogging ‘Oscars’: The inaugural UK Blog Awards will be presented in a glittering ceremony in London on April 25th at The Grange St Paul’s Hotel. Over nine hundred entries have been received for the 2014 event – the first in what it is hoped will become an annual staple of the awards calendar.

UK Blog Awards founder Gemma Pears said: “We have been overwhelmed with the level of response we have had from both bloggers and the voting public. Blogging has definitely come of age, and it’s time to recognise the cream of the crop.”

Over sixteen thousand people, including Olympian Rebecca Adlington and TV personality Katy Hill, voted online for their favourite Education bloggers. The short-listed Education  blogs will be assessed by two industry experts: Elliot Simmonds, Panel Manager from the VoicED Education Community;  and Julian Stanley, the Group Chief Executive from Teacher Support Network and Recourse.

Discussing VoicED’s reasons for getting involved in the Awards, Elliot championed blogs as a medium for expressing opinions:

VoicED A Judge As Red Carpet Rolled Out For UK Blogging 'Oscars'

VoicED A Judge As Red Carpet Rolled Out For UK Blogging ‘Oscars’

At VoicED we are concerned with allowing people to express their views, and to help them shape and influence the education system through feeding their opinions back to key stakeholders, policy-makers and commercial organisations. Blogs and blogging offer an extension of this – they are a moving tracker of people’s thoughts and opinions, often focussing on the issues of the day and covering topics in detail over a period of weeks or even months. The idea of the Blog Awards is a fantastic one. The entries were of an incredibly high standard and covered a really wide range of topics across the entire learning and skills landscape.”

Award hopefuls from online shopping giants Very.co.uk, to The Tate Gallery, the WWF and the British Library, along with individual specialist bloggers, will fight it out in fourteen categories. The education category features blogs from the London School of Economics,  Bett, The University of Dundee and the University of Bedfordshire, to name but a few.

Julian Stanley commented: “Blogs are important because they provide a means of expression, and give a voice to those education professionals and organisations who might not otherwise be heard or reported on in the mainstream media.”

More information, including further details of the shortlisted bloggers and how to purchase tickets for the Awards Evening, is available via the National UK Blog Awards website.

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