News: VoicED Community Appears in Guardian Small Business Showcase

VoicED Community Appears in Guardian Small Business Showcase: The VoicED Community has been featured in the Guardian Small Business Showcase as an example of marketing and PR excellence. The panel submitted and entry which focussed on our aim to grow through forming relationships and building links – in the true essence of a community.

In time, it is envisaged VoicED will grow to include additional resources, similar to the events section which has recently been added. This philosophy is echoed by the fact that we try to share research findings with all panel members – we want our respondents to not only have the chance to voice their opinions, but also to see (where research is not commercially sensitive) the outcome of that research and where they as an individual stand on an issue as compared to their peers.VoicED Community Appears in Guardian Small Business Showcase

We are also very proud of our relationship with the Prince’s Teaching Institute and take our support of that organisation very seriously. In addition, we are currently looking in to forming partnerships with other key organisations within the education and skills sector. However, we are not only interested in forming partnerships with our panel members and those who contribute to the growth of the community and the well-being of the education sector in general, we are also very much about building relationships with our clients, and providing a service to them which is in keeping with our community ethos.

Speaking about appearing in the Guardian’s Small Business Showcase, Elliot Simmonds, Panel Manager at VoicED, was pleased that the community had gained some recognition:

“I think what we’re trying to do is a good idea, and the feedback we’ve had from teachers and education professionals – both in the research prior to launch, and in the months since – has suggested that they think the concept is a good one too. Of course, appearing in the Guardian is a brilliant accolade for us, and I hope it will get VoicED in front of many more educators in the future.”

If you would like to read the full entry, you can do so on the Guardian’s Small Business Showcase page. If you are a teacher or other education professional, please visit to join the VoicED Community, share your views, and shape education.

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