VoicED Tops List for Market Research Panels Lot In Government-Wide Procurement

VoicED Tops List for Market Research Panels Lot In Government-Wide Procurement Exercise: DJS Research Ltd, the market research agency of which VoicED is a specialist education market research department, are one of six agencies in the UK who have been appointed to every Lot within the Crown Commercial Service’s framework for market research. The procurement was managed by UK SBS.

VoicED Tops List for Market Research Panels

VoicED Tops List for Market Research Panels Lot In Government-Wide Procurement Exercise

As well as securing a place on every Lot, DJS Research Ltd also came out top in terms of market research panels – due in part to their experience in creating and managing VoicED. In addition, the agency was also the company with the highest overall score;  a total of 836 out of 1000 available across the ten Lots; this is 7% higher than the next best scorer. DJS never came lower than 4th in any Lot, and never scored less than 81.2%.

Speaking about VoicED’s contribution to DJS Research’s success on the specific Lot related to Panels, Elliot Simmonds (Panel Manager for VoicED) had the following comments to make:

“What Maya, Alistair and Suzanne have done in managing VoicED and in developing the systems behind it is to give our clients and potential clients confidence in the quality we can provide. I think this really comes across in the fact that we have come top within the panel Lot on this market research framework and that we have been ranked higher than some other very respectable companies – it’s a huge testament to them.”

Danny Sims, the Managing Director of DJS Research Ltd made the following comments about the agency’s success on the wider procurement exercise:

To have been successful on every single Lot of this procurement exercise – and to have achieved the highest combined score of any of the 500 agencies who applied –  is a real accomplishment for us. I cannot stress enough the contribution that everyone at DJS Research makes towards our accomplishments, big and small, every day. We have a fantastic and committed team across every level of the business and this is only underlined by the successes we have had recently, including on this framework agreement.”

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