Research Reveals What Parents Want From Schools

Research Reveals What Parents Want From Schools: According to new research, few parents check school league tables when they are deciding which school to send their children to – with fewer than one in three stating that they would review the tables prior to making a decision. {Tweet this article}

Research Reveals What Parents Want From Schools

Research Reveals What Parents Want From Schools

The findings, which are based on a poll of 1,019 parents on behalf of the NASUWT teachers union, suggested that parents prefer to look online for general information (54%), speak to parents of pupils currently at the school in question (53%) or read the latest Ofsted inspection report (49%). The most up to date school league tables for England will be published later in January. {Tweet this article}

NASUWT’s general secretary has stated that the results of the survey suggest that schools are subjected to a ‘negative annual ritual’ which is unnecessary, given that few parents actually review the rankings provided by the league tables. {Tweet this article}

What Parents Want From Schools

The study also asked parents which elements of a school’s offering were most important to parents.

Two thirds of parents (67%) stated that the school being easily accessible from home or work was a crucial factor in their decision, with the top five qualities found within a school being as follows:

  • 54% of parents want supportive staff in the school
  • 39% want to see a good inspection report
  • 38% require a good track record in dealing with bullying and bad behaviour
  • 36% want good buildings and facilities
  • 21% wanted a good position in the league table

In addition, the vast majority (95%) of parents felt it to be either very important or important that their children were taught by professionally qualified teachers. The poll suggested that almost nine in ten (87%) of the parents interviewed were currently satisfied with their children’s school teachers. {Tweet this article}


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