Fees for Independent Boarding Schools Rise Above The Average Salary

New education market research carried out in the UK has seen fees for independent boarding schools rise above the average salary. The research suggested that the average fee for a private boarding school now stands at £27,600 per annum, compared to the UK average of £26,500. For comparative purposes, three decades ago, wages were around two and a half times the cost of annual boarding school fees.

The findings have fueled a debate around the issue of social mobility – with many arguing that they are evidence of independent schooling becoming unobtainable for many families over a relatively short period of time.

Susan Hamlyn, director of the Good Schools Guide Advice Service, suggested that the rise in fees may have been a symptom of heavy investment in facilities and technology – in part aimed at increasing the appeal of British education to overseas students. Among the most expensive boarding schools are Queen Ethelberga’s College (£39,885), Cheltenham Ladies’ College (£34,302), Tonbridge School (£34,137), Sevenoaks (£33,408), Marlborough (£32,280), Westminster (£32,490) and Eton (£32,067). This compares to the average boarding school cost of £2,400 in 1980 – which was only a little over a third of the average salary which stood at around £6,000.

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